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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - June 30, 2013

Hi,  I'm back again with some photo's for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

 I took all the photo's myself and came up with my own ideas for the prompts.  My Grandma helps me with editing and posting my photo's.  I pick out what I want her to do and tell her if I like it and what I want changed.
The prompts this week are:  Tools, Motion, Sweet, Dots, Stripes.
TOOLS:  These are some of my Grandpa's tools. (SOOC)
MOTION:  My grandma set up her Tri-Pod and then showed me how to use the self-timer and I danced around until I got a picture I liked of myself.  Then we added some cool motion effects. 
SWEET:  I love strawberries and sugar, they both taste very sweet. (SOOC)
DOTS:  These heart dots are on my new Swim Bag that I take to my swimming lessons. (SOOC)
STRIPES:  This is our dog, Cricket's toy snake.  It has stripes.