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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mug Reveal Day

Hi,  It's Mug Reveal Day.   The lovely Stephanie from (The Enchanting Rose) blog host this event twice a year. 

This was my 2nd time participating.

The partner that sent to me was,  Debbie Spies.  Here is what she sent to me:

First this pretty mug.  I love the sweet violets. - I like to pick them in the spring and give a bouquet of them to my Great Grandma or "Granny" as I call her.  This was a perfect mug for me and I've used it a lot.

Yum! - This bear and jaw breaker candy didn't last long.  I have a sweet tooth.

Apple Cider and 2 kinds of tea.  I liked them very much.

This cute little dog decoration.

Finally some really pretty bracelets.  I liked them a lot too.

Thanks Debbie for the wonderful package.  It was fun getting to know you.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tea Cup & Mug Exchange Reveal

This was my first time participating in the Tea Cup/Mug Exchange hosted by Stephanie from,
The Enchanting Rose blog.

I sent to Claire Johnson. She likes mine craft and blue patterns. She does not have a blog though so the pictures of what I sent to her are on Stephanie's blog! : D

I received my package from Bethaney Smith. I don't know whether she has a blog or not but I do know that she lives in Alabama and she enjoys reading.

I got a large assortment of goodies from Bethaney. I got Apple Cider, my favorite drink, Key Lime Snaps, that were gone in a day, Skittles, Toffee Fudge, yum, a candle, a cute little note book, a magazine about Alabama, and of course, a beautiful mug that unfortunately had a crack. :'( but the mug will still be used.

As soon as I opened the Key Lime Snaps, a blast of lime slapped me in the face. Then when I took a bite out of one I started dancing around like I was the weirdest person on earth ( or at least weirder than usual.) I shared the toffee fudge with my grandma and grandpa, but even though they didn't take pleasure in the taste as much, I liked it! The fragrance of the candle was really sweet.
The cider was delicious and me and my grandma liked it a lot. Obviously the skittles were tasty. The mug out shined everything in the package, its that beautiful.

"Live Laugh and Bloosom" is the perfect little saying to go on the cover of  this little book. I love it! The lindt chocolates, YUMMY!!!!

I had a lot of fun doing this and will do it again next time.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

a sad but true story

                                        A sad but true story

Here is a neighborhood cat  named Felix . One time Felix and I were good friends but one day a car drove by  and scared him while I was petting him . he  bit me right on the hand , looked at me and ran of. it hurt really bad. there was four bleeding bite marks on my hand. I think the reason he ran was because he was shocked at what he did. But he wouldn't get near me  since then . he moved to different houses and stayed away for along time . I still miss the old Felix and I know he misses me as well.
I know he dose.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - November 3, 2013

It's been a long time since I've posted on my blog.  I'm busy a lot with school and stuff at home so I don't get on the computer as much as I want to.  I did take some photos for the Scavenger Hunt this week so here they are.


This Skeleton sure didn't "dress-up" much for Halloween!

My Grandma's Candy Corn candles.  I like their smiles.

Pumpkin art I made in the 1st Grade.  We put this out every year as part of our Halloween decorations.


My Grandma and I looked for spooky decorations around town and found this one.  He's pretty spooky don't you think?


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - June 30, 2013

Hi,  I'm back again with some photo's for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

 I took all the photo's myself and came up with my own ideas for the prompts.  My Grandma helps me with editing and posting my photo's.  I pick out what I want her to do and tell her if I like it and what I want changed.
The prompts this week are:  Tools, Motion, Sweet, Dots, Stripes.
TOOLS:  These are some of my Grandpa's tools. (SOOC)
MOTION:  My grandma set up her Tri-Pod and then showed me how to use the self-timer and I danced around until I got a picture I liked of myself.  Then we added some cool motion effects. 
SWEET:  I love strawberries and sugar, they both taste very sweet. (SOOC)
DOTS:  These heart dots are on my new Swim Bag that I take to my swimming lessons. (SOOC)
STRIPES:  This is our dog, Cricket's toy snake.  It has stripes.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 24, 2013

Hi! -  I wanted to do the Scavenger Hunt again this week. 
The words are:  Asian, Wavy, Draw, Soft and Texture.

Here are my photos:


This hangs on the door to my Grandma's Office - If you look closely you can see some Asian writing in the upper left corner of the wall hanging.  Grandma said her dad gave it to her.


I'm learning how to Crochet and this looks a bit wavy to me.


My idea was that when you are the "Illustrator" you draw the pictures.  This is one of my books and who illustrated it.


This is me and one of my Gerbils, Walnut He's really soft.

 My grandma helped me edit this photo using the spotlight feature so my face and Walnut's would show up better. 


This is our cat, Harley's nose.  I like the texture of his fur and the spots on his nose.

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.  I'm not always able to comment back but I will try.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 3, 2013

It's been awhile since I've done the Scavenger Hunt and today my Grandma took me out so I could find the prompts.


Some RED berries we found on our walk around the block.


A piece of ORANGE machinery we saw on a drive we took.


Some YELLOW flowers that we saw on our walk.


Spotted this GREEN rooster in a store we stopped at on the way home from our drive.
At the Chinese restaurant I learned that I was born under the sign of the Cock so seeing this green one I knew I wanted to take it's picture.

BLUE:  I wanted to take a picture of our mountains (The Blues) but none of my shots turned out that good.  Instead you get this:

A BLUE monster.

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures.