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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 24, 2013

Hi! -  I wanted to do the Scavenger Hunt again this week. 
The words are:  Asian, Wavy, Draw, Soft and Texture.

Here are my photos:


This hangs on the door to my Grandma's Office - If you look closely you can see some Asian writing in the upper left corner of the wall hanging.  Grandma said her dad gave it to her.


I'm learning how to Crochet and this looks a bit wavy to me.


My idea was that when you are the "Illustrator" you draw the pictures.  This is one of my books and who illustrated it.


This is me and one of my Gerbils, Walnut He's really soft.

 My grandma helped me edit this photo using the spotlight feature so my face and Walnut's would show up better. 


This is our cat, Harley's nose.  I like the texture of his fur and the spots on his nose.

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.  I'm not always able to comment back but I will try.


  1. Oh my gosh, amazing picture of the cat's nose!

  2. Great job this week, Coleen! I really love the last pic of your cat's nose texture.

  3. Hi Coleen,
    I recognized your picture in the thumbnails shots from seeing you on your Grandma's blog. :)
    You did a wonderful job on the prompts!
    The Asian shot is perfect! I saw this and remembered my Grandparents often getting me this kind of thing - often with a calendar at the top.
    I love the Princess and the Pea. I used to read it to students during their library time. Choosing illustrator is a creative choice for draw.
    Really nice job on the prompts this week!

  4. Well done with the hunt words. Your gerbil looks cute - and Harley too!