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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jeepers Creepers - It's Halloween

Yes,  This is Coleen's Grandma posting for Coleen because she doesn't know how to type yet (hey she's only 5 1/2) but the art work you are about to see is all hers.

Coleen made some Halloween decorations so we put them up on one of the walls in our dining room.  Can you guess what these are?

This one is her Vampire Bat.

This one is the Ghost

This one is a little harder.  It's not a CAT but rather a Wolf and not just any wolf but a "Werewolf" howling at the moon.         

I just love her imagination.


  1. Coleen, what a great job coloring and cutting out all your decorations. They look great!

  2. Dear Coleen & Ida, I love that Coleen has her own blog. My son was as the computer playing game from the age of 2 1/2. By the time he was 11 he had his own lap top and was building his Boy Scout troops web site. This is a good thing for Coleen for so many reasons.

    Great art work Coleen!!! Of course you'd have kitties. I love seeing your headless horseman pictures on your gran's blog. Happy Halloween Coleen, from a friend in California.

  3. What a fun Halloween decorations! You did a very nice job on cutting and coloring them!
    You are very talented girl, Coleen!