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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rats on the Loose

Wheezy is my rat.  We have two rats, this is one of them. I accidentally closed his tail in his rat cage door and the skin of his tail fell off and I was scared.
I did the right thing and told my Grandma and Grandpa what happened to Wheezy's tail.
He had to go to the Vet and get an operation on his tail and a stitch.  He is fine now.

This is my other rat, Cheesy. He is Wheezy's twin brother.  I got them for Christmas in 2010. They are 1 year old now.

Cheesy does not like his picture taken but Wheezy does. Cheesy does not have part of his tail missing.

My rats live in their cage in the basement of my Grandma and Grandpa's house where I am living right now along with my mommy.
I don't live in the basement though.

Cheesy is a real pig with his food and snacks.
Wheezy doesn't eat as much but he is fine.
I like my rats.

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