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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - October 7, 2012

Hi,  I want to say "Thank You" to everyone who visited my blog last week and left me such nice comments about my 1st Scavenger Hunt. - I'm joining in again this week.

I took all the pictures again.  My grandma helps me with getting them edited and today is doing the typing for me.  I'm telling her what to say though about each picture.

Join me now for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


I got the idea for this picture while my Grandma was trying to help me with a different picture for Shadow.  I saw her shadow and thought it would be cool to take a picture of both of our shadows holding the cameras so that's what we did.

 I got this idea trying to find my set of baby keys but I remembered that we had these keys and you need keys to drive a car so I used one of my toy cars along with the keys to get this shot.

 This is a picture of one of my stuffed animals that I let my "Granny" use at the hospital  once this  past summer and after she got home I let her keep it.  It made her smile.  PS: It has a cute smile as well.

I took a picture of this Indian painted on a rock for my Grandpa who likes Indian pictures.  I also think Grandpa looks like an Indian because he has long hair that he wears in a braid.

I was trying to find a picture for spice when I remembered that we had Hot sauce that is spicy and I thought it would be a good thing for the spice prompt.

I may not be able to comment on all of your blogs but I want you to know that I really like looking at your pictures and taking pictures too.  Coleen.


  1. I really like your spice shot Coleen and am happy to see you came to play again. Sweet smile shot too.

  2. Wonderful pictures again Coleen! I really like your Unedited, the lighting is fabulous and I love your Shadow shot. I had the same idea!

    Herding Cats

  3. I love your interpretations. The shadow shot is very nice.

  4. That is a super set-up on your key shot. Nice job.

  5. Fantastic set of pictures - love the one of you and your grandma snapping pictures of each other's shadow - and very creative idea for spice.

  6. Nice job Coleen! You are so creative! the sunflare on the indian is fabulous...keep clicking girl, I think you have a gift!

  7. Lovely! Shadow is cute and love the sun flare in unedited!

  8. Coleen you did a great job taking your pictures. What I really like is that you had some good ideas for what you wanted. I think your Unedited shot is cool, that sun flare is fabulous. Also loved your idea for Spice.
    Thanks for doing the hunt with me. Hugs, Grandma

  9. What a creative mind you have; especially your SPICE picture. Now, I wouldn't have thought of that.

  10. clever key shot Coleen.. it turned out great!
    and that was a great idea for spice... keep using that camera!